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© 2018 The String Project created by Chelsea Nix & Mariano Cortez


CO-FOUNDERS - Chelsea Nix (USA) and Mariano Cortez (Argentina) have been published in National Geographic multiple times, including the new edition of English Language Learning: World English, the Daily Dozen, and Photo of the Day. They will be published in the new National Geographic book 'Real People, Real Places, Real Language.' The couple has been recognized in the following photography contests: Photographer International of the Year, Chromatic Photo Award, and in National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year. Their work has been exhibited around the world, including Greece and New York. In October 2018, Chelsea and Mariano won ArtPrize, one of the largest art competitions in the world. Their award made ArtPrize history as the first photography piece to win the competition.     


Facundo Coria was born in Villa Maria, Argentina. Before joining the team, he spent his time and energy with the media company he owned in Barcelona, Spain. As a filmmaker, he has worked with several different companies in Europe focusing on the production of video commercials. He is fluent in Spanish and English.


Heather Hontz has over 7 years of experience in the production and communications field working on news and television shows across the Midwest in the United States for local affiliates including CBS, NBC, and ABC. Besides her time devoted to news and Meijer, Hontz's love was producing a family television program, “Maranda Where You Live” while working at WOODTV in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Guillermo Sacchetto is a professional graphic designer and photographer from Cordoba, Argentina.  He has worked as a contractor assisting with brand development for various companies. He recently finished a 15-month project abroad working on photography projects in New Zealand and Southeast Asia. He is fluent in Spanish and English.