Currently in GRAND RAPIDS, MI

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Mission Statement: Encouraging cultural awareness, understanding, and unity through the common thread of art, conversation, empathy, and compassion.

THE STRING PROJECT exhibits indoors and outdoors in both public spaces and private galleries. From the historical city of ancient Rome to some of the most remote villages in the Himalayan Mountains, thousands of people from all corners of the world will be offered the opportunity to be a part of the experience. 


Cortez and Nix return to communities where they captured many of the portraits featured. Outdoor exhibitions are displayed on portable structures in villages and communities, and with floating installations on buildings in cities around North America! 


From the European streets to slums,

cites to small villages, wherever we go, THE STRING PROJECT's Outdoor Exhibition will travel with us! '


We have secured Indoor Galleries on our tour to display 13 of our favorite portraits 24x36 in size. (This number is subject to change as we secure plans).  


Watch the Behind the String Project Video! 

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