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THE STRING PROJECT Exhibitions are currently traveling the world & available for lease.  The Indoor Exhibition have been exhibited in cities around the United States and globe including New York City, Pairs, Barcelona, Athens. The Outdoor Exhibition is available to decorate your institution or city, creating an interactive way to display art for the public. And our Traveling Exhibition has visited five continents from the remote villages in Asia, to the slums in Africa, and decorated streets of many European, North, and South American countries. It is a spontaneous way to create positive conversations about the world. 



Our Outdoor Exhibition is flexible way to share art with the public. Decorate your city with these large canvases bringing the topic of art and hope into street conversations. This Exhibition is available for rent to decorate your city, building, or sidewalk. 


Bring culture and photography to your museum through leasing our Indoor Exhibition.  When visitors take a step back from the portraits they are able to see how each photo matches perfectly with its neighbor, like a puzzle.  This collection of portraits is available in 23x23 or 30x30, with request, the artists can arrange to be available for a guest appearance and talk. 



Help the artists and their Traveling Show keep moving around the world today! The photographers passion is talking art to the streets, creating space for conversations. They have taken their work back to the slums of Africa to the streets of Europe. Help the photographers keep going and bring the show to your neighborhood! 

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