Photographers Chelsea Nix (USA) and Mariano Cortez (Argentina),  met in Kolkata, India in 2012. THE STRING PROJECT began in January 2018 and features photographs from around the world. Their focus has been on creating a project that connects the viewer to the image in a more tangible way, bringing the photograph to life.  In THE STRING PROJECT all of the people hold the same  string, "a visible representation symbolizing an invisible connection."

The physical string visually represents a connection that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We are all part of this world: we love, we suffer, these are all things that we have in common, that connect us. The project is a reminder that highlights some of the most valuable things in life: respect, hope, peace, compassion, love, empathy, integrity... authentic and genuine interactions between humans.


Working on THE STRING PROJECT has taken Chelsea and Mariano to places they never thought they would go, exploring different jobs, lifestyles, and forms of hospitality. "We feel that besides our cultural and physical differences there are essential similarities in all human beings that bring us together."

In 2018 THE STRING PROJECT won one of the largest art competitions in the world, ArtPrizeThe couple is currently working on the launch of their World Tour while they continue to assist with their Guatemalan soup kitchen, "Project Simple", a community project for the homeless and abandoned elderly woman and children.


More information about Project Simple:
www. projectsimple.org