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Mariano Cortez (from Argentina) and Chelsea Nix (from the United States) are a husband and wife travel photography team published in National Geographic and recognized in the International Photographer of the Year Photography Awards, National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year Contest, Chromatic Awards, among others. Cortez and Nix have exhibited their work in galleries around the world including New York City, Athens, Barcelona, Paris and organized public exhibitions in the USA, India, Kenya, Italy, Spain and Mexico. The photographers are recurring international judges in the Chania International Photo Festival held annually in Greece. They have also contributed photographs to Ted Talk and National Geographic's educational books. 

Their exhibition of THE STRING PROJECT®  won one of the largest and most attended international art competitions in the world called ArtPrize, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Around half a million people visit and nearly 1,500 artists participate from over 40 countries. In 2018, this photography exhibition received the public’s Grand Prize Award, the Latino Award, and the 2D Category Award. It was the first time in the history of the competition that a photography piece had, and has ever, taken home the Grand Prize Award. Their achievements have been published internationally and nationally in major newspapers like The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Business Insider. They have been invited to discuss their travels and winnings on different TV stations and for the National Public Radio (NPR).



Photographers Chelsea Nix and Mariano Cortez met in Kolkata, India in 2012. THE STRING PROJECT began in January 2018 and features a timeless collection of photographs of people from around the world, representing human connection. The photographers traveled the globe to take pictures of humans all holding the very same string, symbolizing a connection that we all share. The portraits are then placed next to each other, showing that everyone is linked together by the line of The String. We are all part of this world: we love, we suffer, these are all things that we have in common, that connect us. The project is a reminder that highlights some of the most valuable things in life: respect, hope, peace, compassion, love, empathy, integrity... authentic and genuine interactions between humans.


Working on THE STRING PROJECT has taken Chelsea and Mariano to places they never thought they would go, exploring different jobs, lifestyles, and forms of hospitality. Their focus has been on creating a project that connects the viewer to the image in a more tangible way, bringing the photograph to life. 

In October of 2018 their exhibition of THE STRING PROJECT® won one of the biggest international art competitions in the world called ArtPrize, held in the USA.


The couple is currently finishing their documentary, while they keep working with THE STRING PROJECT, INC; a nonprofit designed to help many of the people you see in the photographs. The community centers are diverse helping not only those lacking basic physical needs (including community projects for the hungry, homeless, and abandoned elderly woman and children around the world), but also art programs designed to encourage curiosity and creativity in the youth. 


Learn more about THE STRING PROJECT INC, and how you can get involved! It is a 501(c)(3) devoted to helping create space for people to grow, experience safety, and create! 


Want to know how our community programs make a local difference and global impact? 


Nix & Cortez, a husband & wife photography team, have been working together for 10+ years capturing stories of people

from all over the world. 

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Some of our STRING Photo Collection can also be found in

this online gallery.


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