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ArtPrize 10 Winners Bring THE STRING PROJECT To Your School


Encouraging cultural awareness, understanding, and unity through the common thread of art, conversation, and compassion.


Students  and teachers of all ages will be engaged while Chelsea and Mariano take them on an interactive self-reflection process, helping them understand their full potential and opening their minds as they dream of their future. The presentation highlights some of the most valuable things in life: respect, hope, peace, compassion, love, empathy, integrity. The couple is grateful for the support of ArtPrize 10 and the communities they have visited and would love nothing more than to share their message with eager minds. At the end of the presentation, students will walk away with a sense of purpose and motivation to respect their classmates, adults, and other cultures. They will also be given a string bracelet reminding them of the promise they made to themselves at the beginning of the assembly. 

Chelsea Nix and her Argentinian husband, Mariano Cortez, a relatable young couple, bring to life their inspiring story while helping to spread kindness to students and schools. Their presentation takes students and teachers on an incredible journey explaining how their project came to life. The 45 minute assembly includes an amazing video that captures the couple’s adventure to over 20 countries where they photographed and discovered new cultures and lifestyles. They hope to teach students about cultural awareness so they can experience how we are all connected despite our differences, highlighting our similarities. 

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How long is the presentation? 

45 minutes on average, can be longer or shorter, and include a Q & A! 


What does the presentation cost?

We are creative in helping schools secure resources and funding. Message us and we’ll be honored to work with your school. THE STRING PROJECT is an unincorporated nonprofit with 501(c)(3) standing, so all donations are federally exempt and go directly to our World Tour Project.  


Can every student get their picture taken with the string?

Yes, we encourage each class to have their picture taken with the string! That way your school can have their very own string photo collection. 

What do we provide? 

Schools are sent artwork to print for a pre-presentation Journal Reflection Worksheet for each student to fill out. With interest, we offer post-presentation opportunity to stay in touch with your school sending a video update and USPS postcard updates as we venture around the globe. This interactive experience allows your school and classrooms the opportunity to learn about the countries we are visiting with us. Lessons plans could be created around staying in touch with us as penpals.

How do we schedule a school assembly? 

Email us at or visit our contact page! 


Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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