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Carrer de Méndez Núñez, 7, 08003

675 31 69 99

Martes a Sabado - 
8 de Octubre a 12 de Octubre

17 hs - 21 hs


Noche de Apertura

Jueves 10 de Octubre 

17 hs - 21 hs

Gratis - Abierto al publica en general

The Roots Festival

THE STRING PROJECT in 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

THE STRING PROJECT will be unveiling a new updated show at The Roots Festival on Wednesday, August 21, for the Chef's Dinner at 21c Hotel in  Bentonville, as well as at the Pratt Place in Fayetteville on August 22nd. It will be on display throughout the entire event from August 23rd to the 25th.


The Island of My Love: The Faces and Stories of Cuba 

Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Exhibition will be on display from January 28th through April 5th of 2019 at Ivan Wilson Fine Art Center Main and Corridor Galleries. 


From April 5th to September 6th, the award-winning ArtPrize Exhibit will tour throughout different school galleries in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

ArtPrize logo_1459260435474_1262520_ver1

ArtPrize 10

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Exhibition will be on display from September 19th through October 7th of 2018 at DeVos Place. ArtPrize is a city-wide public and juried art event. The exhibition will comprise of a collection of 42 printed photographs, featuring locals from Grand Rapids and hundreds of portraits from around the world. The string helps the viewer connect to all the different people, making the variety of lifestyles and cultures more relatable. 


Beyond the Sun and Sea

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Photographs will be presented by Chelsea Nix and Mariano Cortez who run PROJECT SIMPLE, an organization devoted to supplying clean water and nutritional food to impoverished communities throughout the world.

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